01. About

About Meredyth Fletcher

“I’m thrilled you made it here. Food, nutrients, mental health, and Jesus are among my deepest passions, and I love to tell anyone who will listen about the power of transformation through real food. It is my prayer that my background of years in nutrition will help you navigate your unique path to physical healing. I’m currently finishing my Master’s in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling and my Master’s in Theological and Biblical Foundations in 2023. We are more than just bodies and deep, lasting healing requires multi-layered attention. I desire to be exceptionally well-equipped when it comes to connecting the way God made our bodies scientifically to the way He wired us spiritually and emotionally.”


02. Mission

My Mission

To Uncover Health and Educate Others

Our thoughts and feelings are connected by neurotransmitters from the brain to the gut. We’ve spent our entire lives accumulating thoughts, feelings, and processing emotional experiences as well as eating a certain way – It’s important that we have a basic understanding of our entire selves so we can truly access the root cause of what’s going on and fight for our own freedom and wellness for good.

Sickness begins in the gut and so does the healing process – physically, emotionally, + mentally. I find it fascinating how the way we fuel our bodies directly impacts how we experience our everyday lives, moods, behaviors, feelings, etc and process emotions. I believe we were put here to love God + love people, and to do those things we MUST feel our best. I’ve made it my mission to uncover all that I can about holistic health through years of reading, researching, and writing, while also educating others in a way that’s understandable. You want to see lasting results whether it’s been a few weeks, months, or years of trying, and I want to help. Let the search be over. Get confidence, see results, and live your life to the fullest. It may just be a lot closer than you think!”

03. The Experience

Freedom is Near

As your nutritional therapist, we will work 1-1 to get to the root of whatever it is you’re facing. We’ll work to heal the areas that need attention, inside and out, while trusting that your body knows what to do because God created your body to heal itself.

I want to equip you with tools that create a lifetime of sustainable eating and living and that takes time upfront. That is why I mainly work with people for 3-6 months at a time. I’ve decided to ditch the short-term detoxes in a client setting and work with those who want real, lasting change.

04. Meet Meredyth

A few of my favorite things...

  • Patio wine with my husband
  • Family time
  • Cozy beverages
  • Gym workouts + running
  • Writing
  • Trying new foods

Behind the Name

Karpós Wellness

In Matthew 7:15-20, the Bible warns us against following those who claim to be filled with truth,

but are foundationally broken and even evil—intentionally distracting us from God. These people cross our path and claim to be real, honorable, and trustworthy, yet deep down they are on the prowl for destruction. One way to recognize this is by observing the fruit of a person’s life to see how they truly are in many different areas. A healthy person cannot bear diseased fruit so it’s important to look deeper than the surface in order to prayerfully discern the truth and only follow Jesus.

At Karpos Wellness, we believe that every physical symptom presented in the body is the result of something deeper–Something is driving it at the root of the body and that is what we want to support in order for them to die away. Our mission is not just to look at the surface-level symptoms and assume what may be going on, but rather to spend intentional time observing many layers of the situation including health history, current lifestyle, stress levels, and more in order to get a more complete picture of what’s driving unwanted symptoms in order to support the body as a whole and really see lasting results.

The New Testament Greek word for fruit is Karpos and thus the name for our holistic wellness company was born. In this space, you can expect nutrition advice as well as emotional health, boundaries, mental health, and spiritual health. We are whole people with many layers that need tending to when lasting health and results are desired. This kind of healing does not rely on quick fixes or pills that just mask the symptoms—it takes time, intentionality, and space and that is what we are here to provide for you.”

I’m here to help YOU find freedom at the root.

I feel like a different person since being on this gut protocol. Whenever I'm doing it, I feel good and I feel normal again. I wish I had known this information 10 years ago. I've been suffering unnecessarily.
My progress chart and improved levels are proving it. I told my therapist that the lies of "I can't change" "I'm unhealthy" and "I'm going to die" are not there really at all anymore because I'm actively disproving them.
Working with Meredyth was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Not only is my overall health better from when I began, but also mentally and emotionally I am in a much better place. She helped find the root cause of my medical issues I so desperately needed! My mindset around health and food has totally changed. I walked away from every visit with Meredyth feeling encouraged and equipped to make the changes my body and life needed in order to thrive.
Four months with Meredyth has been more valuable than years of mindful eating and fad diets.
All of my goals were met! I feel immensely better and to be honest I didn’t expect this.
Just looking at the numbers themselves (digestion issues diminishing, weight loss), I am blown away with the progress that I was able to make with Meredyth to help in this period of time. In the past I wasted so much time trying different diets that weren’t really supposed to be diets-think the whole 30, paleo, etc.-but I’d finish them without any true understanding of what I needed or even feeling like there was anything accomplished. In just three months Meredyth was able to help me understand what exactly my body was asking for this whole time. She made it simple.
There wasn’t any huge period of time where I cut out the foods that I loved (or the drinks ). There wasn’t any calorie counting. Everything was manageable. And at the end of our time together I feel more prepared to face my food woes with confidence and honestly with less stress. I lost 15 pounds, which was never a main goal, but is a place that my body feels great at!
Meredyth herself is an Angel. As a practitioner, she achieves a perfect balance between being non-judgment and motivating. There was never any shame involved, but I still felt encouraged to make the choice that was going to help me from moment to moment. As a human she’s easy to talk to, kind, and relatable. I recommend Meredith to anyone who will listen. If you’re feeling stuck in your health journey, I hope you reach out to Meredith. Side note: I’m a bride and hiring Meredith to help me prepare for my wedding was the best money I’ve spent, second to maybe my dress!
I'm really enjoying this process. I found relief immediately. I’ve told everyone about this!

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