PMS Symptoms are not Normal

Do you experience monthly PMS symptoms and completely dread at least 3-7 days out of each month?

What if I told you that was actually a sign of hormonal imbalances and there is something that you can do about it! I suffered from bad symptoms my entire life until I gave my life to studying nutrients and the human body and aha! No more debilitating cycles, for me.

If you are in this category of doom, here are three things (among others) that you can start doing TODAY that will help your future cycling self love you.

  • Consistently strive for balanced blood sugar
    • Avoid getting hangry, avoid the spikes and dips in your day caused by excessive caffeine, sugar, and stress. Stop skipping meals. Never eat a carb by itself. Give up weekly/monthly fast food runs.
  • Support your liver so that it’s functioning optimally and can consistently flush out excess hormones like estrogen
    • (Estrogen is a big offender of PMS symptoms!) A few things that help cleanse the liver are dandelion root tea, milk thistle, beets, and quitting sugar.
  • Add Trace Minerals into your diet
    • Most of us are depleted of them as a result of diet, toxin exposure, etc…, and they are the “spark plugs” for just everything else in the body. You can a bottle of trace minerals on Amazon and Thrive that are high quality.

Who wants to try these things and kick PMS to the curb!

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