My Postpartum Fitness Routine

It’s taken me 4 months since having Whitton to actually feel like I can be active again! (Still can’t believe my baby will be 4 months on February 8th)

I attempted to “kill” it in the gym around 7 week PP, and that was a JOKE. My doctor may have cleared me but I guess I missed the part about her telling me to take it easy. I can’t help it––I love working out and have loved it even more since the pandemic began.

All this to say, I do best when I have something to train for so I signed up to run a half marathon in May and I can’t waitttttt. I love the rules and structure around training and it truly brings me joy. I like and NEED a good fitness challenge because that’s what keeps me going on the days I don’t “feel like moving.”

So here I am now and I am truly starting slow. Like, the most slow. I’ve been “jogging” 45 seconds (an 11 min mile pace) and walking a minute on and off for 10-20 minutes a day and gradually increasing as I go. A few times I week I’ve also been walking 3 miles just to get some more movement my body can handle and doing 20-minute kettlebell/dumbell exercises. I love weight training and find it necessary to be a successful runner. (Did I just call myself a runner? We’ll see about that.)

It’s hard not to just run a bunch of miles because I don’t love going slow, but this process has been incredible and I’ve already learned so much. Plus I can’t run a bunch of miles right now. I used to run 2-3 miles a day, (in 2020) and I ran a half marathon in college, but it’s back to the start for me. Slow and steady.

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