What to Do When Coming off of the “Pill”

Considering coming off Birth Control and want to learn how to support your body through the process?

Here’s what you can do:

    • Never eat a carb by itself. Avoid spikes dips through excessive amounts of caffeine and sugar. Avoid stress, or support your body through stress. etc.
    • You want to make sure the gut is strong enough to accept the good gut bugs and ward off the bad ones. This helps the gut absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins and if you’ve been on “The Pill” for any length of time, chances are, your gut has been compromised. Add in some collagen peptides, drink bone broth daily, incorporate high-quality spore-based probiotics and prebiotics, avoid wheat and gluten.
    • Hormones are housed and filtered through the liver so you want this organ to be clean and clear in order to do its job. “The Pill” acts as a hormone suppressant and blocks biologically-produced hormones from functioning as they should, so when you stop the block, your hormones will need extra TLC as they learn to regulate. Support your liver by drinking dandelion root tea, eating and/or juicing beets, taking milk thistle, drinking lots of water.
    • Add in a high-quality trace mineral regimen in order to rebuild what “The Pill” has depleted by starting at the root and allowing these trace minerals to re-spark just about every other system in the body!
    • This is a great way to allow the body to flush out toxins and can help to unburden the liver while you’re supporting it in other ways. It’s relaxing, calms the nervous system, helps regulate blood sugar, and SO much more! A 10-20 minute session, several times a week is great.

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