When Black Coffee is a Bad Idea

Notice that I didn’t say ALL coffee is bad! I love my morning coffee and I’m not sure that I’ll ever fully give it up. I used to think I needed to give it up completely in order to live a healthy life, but that is FALSE.

When is Black Coffee a Bad Idea?

Black coffee is NOT helpful when:

  • You’re on a starvation diet and do not have the fuel your body needs in order to support this beverage that will speed up your metabolism. The myth is that it will help you burn more calories while consuming less, but the truth is that you’re likely to end up with the jitters and with jacked-up hormones that eventually cause fat storage.
  • When you drink coffee by itself, your body is lacking the nutrients needed to slow down the metabolization of the coffee/caffeine, which will cause a spike in blood sugar and directly cause an imbalance in hormones.
  • If you’re sensitive to caffeine, you’re likely to end up with spikes and dips more quickly, which result in a host of issues within other systems of the body.

What is a better option?

Coffee is delicious so make it work for you and serve you well.

  • If you do drink it black, enjoy it WITH your meal and never by itself.
  • If you do drink it black and by itself, then eat your breakfast first.
  • Make your coffee complete by adding protein (collagen), fat (cream), and carb (sugar).

This will help you have control of your morning coffee, rather than it having control of you.

**Sometimes coffee, in any form, is NOT helpful depending on what’s going on in the body overall. It’s okay to pull back or pull it out completely during healing protocols. Listen to your body!

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