The Truth about Dairy

There’s a lot of talk surrounding dairy and whether or not it’s good or bad. I’ll break it all down and then you can decide what’s best for you.

A lot of people have a hard time processing dairy because of the way that it is produced in America. Most of the dairy on the shelves lack the necessary enzymes needed to break down processed lactase and most of the viable nutrients are stripped during pasteurization– sometimes eliminated completely. This causes the body to have to work harder to break down lactose and other nutrients.

So – what is pasteurization? Cows are pumped with synthetic (fake) hormones and fed poor diets that increase their supply, in order to produce more milk (for money). Once the cow is milked, the substance is then tossed into huge silos where their milk will experience temperature manipulation (for approval to make it to the shelves) and sometimes more synthetic nutrients are tossed in (for marketing purposes- to be able to say “Extra calcium” or “More Vitamin D”) & stirred.

During temperature manipulation, the idea is to strip any potential bad bacteria and/or pathogens that may be present from the cow, but it’s also stripping necessary nutrients//enzymes the body needs to break down the milk, essentially becoming a milk-like substance that is of no nutrient value at all.

I encourage my clients to go dairy-free in almost all cases because true dairy, in its rawest form is hard to find. Once we get a handle on what their individual bodies can handle, we experiment with raw dairy & in some cases, someone who once thought they were lactose intolerant, was in fact just intolerant of conventional dairy manipulation.

You do want to be safe, but also want the purest, rawest, cleanest dairy that comes from cows that eat nutrient-dense, whole food diets with zero synthetic values. The cows won’t produce as much milk this way, but it’s always quality over quantity in this regard. This is why raw dairy, raw butter, and raw cheese are more expensive on the shelves, but I will always encourage spending money here (if you can tolerate raw dairy) and cutting corners somewhere else!

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